My Kenji Pop-Up

My Kenji Pop-Up

Hey guys,

Wow It has been a very busy few weeks and you are probably wondering where I've been. Well...

I have been travelling up to Sheffield to stock my products in the Kenji Store in Meadow Hall for 2 weeks!

If you're into kawaii, Japanese-style stationery and products, then this shop is an absolute must-visit!

I saw that they support small business by giving them the opportunity to to have there own pop-up space in their shops so I jumped at the opportunity and gave them a message to enquire about getting some of my products in there because Kenji is like the PERFECT place to have some RebelJones products, right?!


They said. YES, and it was seriously the most exciting thing to happen to me thus far in 2024!

Seeing my stand from a distance, I couldn't help but feel a surge of pride. The colours, the setup... everything was just perfect. Let's just say I'll definitely be back!

But this time it will be in Arndale, Manchester and I CAN'T WAIT!

It's super crucial for me and my business to have my products in real stores because I want people to actually see and feel RebelJones products for themselves.

If you know any local shops that you would LOVE to see my products in please let me know via Instagram ♥

Right I am off to email some more shops.


Becc ✿

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